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What to Expect When You Come for A Session

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What to Expect When You Come for A Session

You sit comfortably on a chair with soft lighting. The soothing sound of ocean surf is playing in the background. Allan starts to speak to you in a gentle, though resonant tone. Perhaps asking you to imagine you see the number ten as you begin to let go of all the tension in your forehead and eyebrows.

Allan's voice might even grow more and more distant. Perhaps you notice your body feels like it is either floating or sinking deeper and deeper as you gradually realize you have now become pleasantly detached from your surroundings.

You might even feel the voice flow as it leads you further and further inwards until you reach the point where your conscious mind effortlessly steps aside. Allowing your subconscious - the part that has really been guiding and protecting you since you were a tiny seed of light - to take control.

Then as you move deeper into this profound state, you might find yourself relaxing even more. Perhaps more than you have ever done. And while the voice continues to gently guide you, you find yourself effortlessly slipping into the realm of imagination and emotions. And you become deeply receptive to helpful suggestions.

And as you move even deeper into trance, you find your ability to focus is so powerful that whatever image, memory or emotion that arises within you becomes real and vivid.

Then when you finally emerge you will find yourself feeling relaxed and restored. Perhaps with new insights and a growing sense of confidence in your ability to live a richer, more fulfilled life. 

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