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Can I Bring Someone With Me to My Session?

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Can I Bring Someone With Me to My Session?

No. We do not allow anyone to accompany you because they might inhibit what you say and do during your session. The only exception is if you are under the age of 18 and your parent or guardian insists on coming with you (though we will try to discourage them).

One of the unfortunate myths associated with hypnosis is that you can be made to reveal your secrets (click here to learn more about these myths). In reality, the opposite is true, because you cannot be made to reveal anything you wish to keep private. As a result, you are more likely to censor yourself if someone you know is present.

When you enter into a state of hypnosis, the control simply shifts from your conscious mind to your subconscious. However, you never lose control. Your conscious mind does not disappear. It merely steps into the background while your subconscious steps forward.

And your subconscious is really just that part of you that normally remains hidden. It is the realm of long-forgotten memories and obscure motivations.

It is also a very protective part that takes over in an emergency. If you have driven a lot, it has certainly protected you because you drive with your subconscious. This is why you can automatically swerve to avoid an accident before your conscious mind is even aware there is a problem. This is why you can drive for ten kilometers and suddenly realize you don't remember the journey because you were on automatic pilot. You let your subconscious do what it does best.

Now please keep in mind that at The Toronto Hypnotherapist we are bound by strict confidentiality rules and will not reveal anything that happens during your session.

For Safety Reasons All of Our Sessions Are Video Recorded

Our sessions are all video recorded for safety reasons. However, rest assured that we treat these recordings with absolute confidentiality and we will never show them to anyone.