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The Gurdjieff Teachings - Monday September 24, 2012

Posted on September 24, 2012 at 12:45 AM

I am not a follower of the Gurdjieff Foundation, or even of the Gurdjieff Movement, but of the Gurdjieff Teachings.


There are Gurdjieffians who have access to all sorts of hidden secrets. People in the Foundation, or in groups linked to Bennett or Nyland or Staveley. I have heard hints of what Nyland and Bennett have passed on. I have even been offered membership in these closed secretive groups and have briefly lurked on the edges for a while, but the price was too high because I think humanity is now on borrowed time. And not just in terms of climate change; but in terms of uranium and plutonium and toxic waste and chemicals and human contamination. We are swiftly approaching the point of no return.


But since I am on the outside of these closed organizations, since I don't have access to their hidden resources and information, I have had to synthesize and use all of my wiles in order to develop my own understanding. I live, eat, breath and sleep these teachings. They are my 'idee fixe'. It is why I am a hypnotist today because hypnosis was obviously extremely important to Mr. Gurdjieff; having its own chapter in his most important work.


Mr. Gurdjieff was insightful enough to know what would happen after he died, that's why there are no "legitimate" Gurdjieff organizations in existence. Even the Foundation is just another bastard child.


As Mr. Gurdjieff approached the end of his life, various people begged him to plan for his succession and he stonewalled them. He didn't even appoint Mme. de Saltzmann as his successor. When he died all of his senior students got together and formed the Foundation. Eventually Bennett withdrew, along with Nyland, Staveley and others. So Mme. de Saltzmann really ended up as the head of the Foundation by default.


Then people began to confer a legitimacy on this organization that never came from Mr. Gurdjieff himself. Things may have been different if Orage had lived, but he didn't.


As I understand it Mr. Gurdjieff told at least three different people that he wanted them to be the person to take charge and lead the movement into the future, just to create division and discord.


I also believe that this was why he refused to copyright "Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson" because even though he may have buried the dog deeper, it is all there, including, as he said, how to make an omlette.


Now I have said this before and will no doubt say it again, I am not attempting to communicate with those of you who have been taught the secret handshakes and have been given the niffty decoder rings. I also know that if you are one of these people you are going to look down on me and snip at my heels and be condescending. But that is between you and your conscience.


Mr. Gurdjieff was a world teacher. He brought a completely unknown tradition out into the open and came and planted the seeds in the west. All I can do is to water the seeds that have landed near me and see what grows. I have spent 30 years grappling with these teachings. Banging my head against them over and over and over again. Perhaps I have shaken things loose in the teachings and perhaps I have only shaken things loose in my head. But at least I have tried.


I know those bastard organizations will never share what they know with me or the world. It is why I refuse to join private facebook groups devoted to the teachings and will only join public ones. It is why I am willing to make a fool of myself in public. It is also why I will share anything and everything I can in the hopes that others may be motivated to do the same.

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