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The Right/Left Brain Dancer - Thursday September 20, 2012

Posted on September 20, 2012 at 7:40 PM

There was once a noble magician from a distant land who was also a great shepherd. And just as some see this dancer dancing counterclockwise, some saw this shepherd as a lord of darkness. And as others see this dancer dancing clockwise, some saw him as a lord of light.


If you saw the darkness, then you believed any hints of light must be in service of the darkness. And if you saw lightness you believed any hints of dark must be in service of the light.


Now the shepherd knew he was neither the lord of darkness or the lord of light, but the lord from the land beyond light and dark.


And light and dark were just tools to him.


Because it was always about results.


And sometimes he got better results with a carrot and sometimes with a stick, because some sheep matured by being repelled from his anger and others matured by being drawn towards his love. Some even did both. They were his favourites because they got the best results. Because the best results come from the friction, the struggle between ‘yes’ and ‘no.’


And it was always about results. About the transformation of energies.


There were times he had to make them move away from bad, from pain and distress, from a dangerous hole or slippery cliff; and times he had to make them move towards good, towards comfort and reward, towards fresh water and green pastures.


Some saw him as the lord of darkness and some saw him as the lord of light. Just as some see this dancer dancing one way and others see her dancing the other. Both are right and both are wrong.




The dancer in this video really moves both ways depending on how your brain filters her movements.


Your left-brain controls your right-side and your right-brain controls your left-side. There are exceptions and one of them is your eyes.


If you were asked to stare at the ‘centre’ of your vision, you might even think you were doing this. However, you wouldn’t really be staring at the centre of your whole vision, but only the centre as seen from one eye. And just as you have two eyes you have two different focal points, two different centres..


Close your left-eye and read these words with your right-eye. Then close your right-eye and read these words with your left-eye and notice how the angle of focus changes. You might even have to adjust your head as you focus with one eye and then the other. Then do this while you keep your head still; and notice how your right-eye focuses slightly to the left, and your left-eye focuses slightly to the right, of each other.


So always remember that no matter where you look, you can see anything from at least two points of view.






Now in terms of how the eyes are connected to the brain. What you see when you focus on these words with your right-eye, stays in your right-brain; and what you see when you focus with your left-eye, stays in the left-brain. They do not cross over.  And what you see on the outer periphery of each eye follows the usual pattern of crossing over into the opposite brain.


When your left-brain is dominant you see the dancer moving clockwise, and when you right-brain is dominant you see her moving counterclockwise. However, just because one cerebral hemisphere is dominant and you see the figure moving one way, that does not mean this brain is ‘on’ and the other ‘off’.


Instead one becomes active and the other passive. They are still both working, it is just that one comes to the forefront and the other recedes into the background.


And this dominance constantly shifts back and forth throughout the day. You can even experience this with your hearing. You can zoom in with your left-brain and focus on single word or sound, or you can zoom out with your right-brain and focus on all sounds everywhere all around you. Your brain hears both.


You can even place one of your toes in the land beyond your right and left brain, by focusing in on a single sound and out on all sounds together: at the same time. Integrating these functions.




I see her as moving counter-clockwise and thought this was a hoax until I asked my daughter how she saw it. It was only once I knew it could be done that I began to see her moving clockwise.


There are many ways to get this dancer to dance the other way. I discovered that at least for me, it is related to my focus and peripheral vision. So try focusing to the left of the dancer and then to her right (so you see her on your periphery). Perhaps even try focusing on her with one eye and then the other. Play with it. Play with your mind. Study yourself and learn how you work.

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