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An Exploration of Some of Our Internal Filters - Wednesday September 12, 2012

Posted on September 12, 2012 at 9:00 PM



Awaken to this moment by sensing the tip of your right index finger. Sense the tip of the bone and skin. Focus all of your Presence at the very edge where your skin meets the air.


Then reach up and touch the centre of your forehead with the tip of your right index finger and become aware of the sensation of your skin touching your skin. Really experience this sensation. Allow it to pull you into this moment. Here and now.


Then begin to lightly tap your forehead with the tip of your finger. Pretend this is the sensory version of a Mindfulness Bell and allow each gentle tap to summon you into this present moment. Here and now.


Finish by allowing your arm to return to a more comfortable position.






Begin by staring at a point close to the centre of this screen.


Fix your gaze on this spot and then notice what you can observe on the periphery while staring at that spot.


Now stare at the centre and observe what you can see up towards the roof of your vision by your eyebrows. And then allow your peripheral awareness to sweep around, down and back up in a clockwise fashion. Become aware of what you can see out and around on the periphery.


Finish by allowing your vision to return to normal.






Now lets set some common coordinates.


Close your eyes and imagine the centre of your mind's eye is the centre of a clock; the point where all of the hands rotate clockwise around. Then imagine you can see and sense all of the numbers circling around the edges.


Then imagine starting at the top where the 12 is, and then imagine sweeping down clockwise, in your mind's eye, around through 1 2 3 4 & 5 until you reach the 6 at bottom and then sweep back up around past 7 8 9 10 & 11 until your reach 12.


Now really see this clock, especially the numbers all around. Even play with some of the submodalities of your inner vision. Make the rim of the clock brighter or darker so the edge is more clearly defined, perhaps add of soft inner ring of colour so that the inside edge glows like a halo.


Then open your eyes and allow a faint visual hint of the circle and numbers to remain. See the faint image of the clock as you look out into the world. Notice how you can project this image outwards and almost super-impose it on the world.


Then finish by quietly or silently repeating: "May results from this exercise be transformed within me for my Being.








If you tap your forehead a message is sent to your brain. If you tap the tip of your right index finger a message is sent to the brain. One message travels a few inches and the other at least ten times farther. Something has to filter and sort these two pieces of information in order for us to perceive them as happening at the same time.




By staring at the spot in the centre and then allowing your awareness to circle around your periphery you did not notice any holes or gaps.


Yet you actually have two blind spots which are like holes torn in the fabric of your vision.


Each of your eyes has millions of receptors attached to nerves that run down through a tiny hole at the back of the eye and into the brain. There are no receptors where these holes are and this creates two gaps in your vision. However, you cannot see them (though you can test for them if you google 'blind spot') because your brain automatically fills these spaces in.




It is almost like we have this invisible screen that exists between our brain and the world. For instance, when you talk to someone on the phone you know fairly well, you will automatically call up an image of them (this is one of the reasons it is so dangerous to use your phone when driving). Even if you have never met the person, you will still conjure an image, albeit one that is more diffuse and generic; perhaps only seeing a shadow of a man if the person is speaking in a manly voice.


Sometimes our brain does this so expertly we don't even notice. For example, your brain is currently projecting these words over top of the lines and squiggles that exist on the screen.


These words really only exist in your mind and not on the screen. Your mind however, does such a good job of protecting them over these shapes that you think these words actually exist on the screen.




We don't just have perceptual filters. Our values, beliefs, attitudes, likes and dislikes, also serve as filters that help us to make sense of the world.


If you believe the bum panhandling on the corner is out to fleece you of your money so they can buy drugs or alcohol, this will shade your assumptions and lead to certain perceptions. However, if you believe they have mental health problems and are really broken inside, this will alter those assumptions and you will perceive a very different person.


Now within the NLP tradition they throw a whole bunch of stuff together without attempting, or even realizing it is possible, to sort them differently.


I am still trying to work this through. However, I cannot help but think that what they refer to as "beliefs" are a product of the head-brain. "Values" on the other hand seem much more emotional and connected to feelings. They also seem to be unaware of the filters in the physical brain such as our likes and dislikes.


But then they didn't have the map Mr. Gurdjieff left behind to illumine their way.

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